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Bikers and Pedestrians vs. Autos: Who Has The Right of Way?

Austin Dallas Texas — by Nick Reed When you're on the road, there is inevitably other traffic - cars, bicyclists and runners to name a few.  When traffic comes together, there are rules of the road for who has the right of way in each scenario....

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Trampoline Park Accidents in the News

Trampoline Park Injuries Austin Dallas Houston -by Nick Reed Imagine as a parent your child becoming injured at a trampoline park because no one taught him or her how to safely enjoy the activity, or because no one was supervising the facility,...

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Follow us on Twitter

— by Michael Ely We created a Twitter account for the firm shortly after creating our website, but we have never been active with it.  However, as part of our 2017 New Year's resolutions (we follow the Thelemic calendar), we have resolved to be...

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