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Michael Ely

Great Attorney

He was so helpful! I was in a car accident where it was the other drivers fault and because someone other than me was driving, my gap insurance was refusing to pay. He helped me get this resolved very quickly. Very pleased with the outcome. Highly recommend.

Posted by Mariselda | May 11, 2019


Auto injury

Mr. Ely went above and beyond.
Its not just a career or his profession.
Mr. Ely really cares. Im very pleased to have met and to have had Mr.Ely take my case. Thank You Again.

Posted by anonymous | October 18, 2018


Personal Injury

Michael recently represented me in a personal injury case. He adequately explained the process, gathered detailed information and succeeded in executing my settlement above my expectations. He's quite the pit bull that you need when dealing with legal matters. I highly recommend him if you need legal representation.

Posted by Jeffrey | May 16, 2018


Best of the Best

Nick Reed and Mike Ely are a great team! They represented us in a dispute over a contract and I can honestly say that we have never been so well represented in a case as we were with Ely Reed. Nick and Mike are both very detailed in their approach and are excellent communicators - kept us up-to-date throughout the process. And - they bring such a positive energy to a legal matter that would otherwise be extremely frustrating. Obviously, we'd prefer not to have legal tangles in the future. Reality is - we likely will and Ely Reed will be representing us for sure!

Posted by Carol | August 9, 2017


Great Job

Tackled a tough situation and worked it out .

Posted by anonymous | June 20, 2017


Shelley Bender

Michael was very efficient and kept me informed when there were any changes in my case. My case was finished quickly to my satisfaction.

Posted by Shelley | January 13, 2017


Great help

So thankful for the help from Mike Ely in my legal issue. He brought great comfort in an otherwise uncomfortable process.

Posted by Bethany | January 6, 2017


I'll take over from here

I was reluctant to hire an attorney after my daughter and I were involved in an auto accident. I thought it would be a simple process and something I could handle myself. I actually took two days off at work just to spend time on the phone getting bills taken care of and everything submitted. I was amazed by how hard the adjuster was making the situation for me. One phone call to Mike Ely put my mind at ease. In his words, "Ill take over from here" made me feel like I would finally be treated fairly and that someone was finally on my side. He took care of making sure all medical bills were paid by the insurance company and we also walked away with a settlement far above what I expected. He was great with follow-up, calling to let me know where we were at in the process. Always very friendly and approachable. I gained a new respect for this profession after trying to deal with all of the legalities myself. He knows what he is doing and I am so glad I let him handle my case!

Posted by Ashley | September 14, 2015


Fantastic Lawyer

Michael, has been the absolute best there is. He has worked miracles and I would not only recommend him, you would be crazy not too. He is quick and gets things done fast, this case was settled within 3 months. Absolutely the best. He will stand and fight for what is right, he is very honest too!

Posted by Carla | June 24, 2015


Excellent for client attorney

I've never needed an attorney before falling ill, and needing to fight a disability denial. Mike Ely has been very responsive, kind, knowledgable, and attentive to my questions and needs. I felt like I could lay all of my legal worry in his hands and breathe a sigh of relief, knowing he had my best interest at hand. Thank you, Mike!

Posted by Bethany | June 24, 2015


Suprising Takover

Mr. Ely was assigned to me after my original lawyer was unable to handle my case due to unforeseen circumstances. When Mr. Ely took over the case I was so surprised on how fast he was able to get things processed. In less than two weeks of having the case a demand letter was sent out. I am very happy to say that not only would I recommend him to my peers. I would hire him for anything that might need an attorneys expertise. Thank you so much for your expedient assistance in my case... Mr. Ely has not only kept the communication line open, he responds ever so quickly (which is not something I was expecting from an attorney). He makes you feel at ease with the case and does absolutely keeps you informed on every step of the way, which is including but not limited to a copy of what was sent to the other party or requests for records and so on. Thank you again for taking this case..

Posted by Carla | May 24, 2015


Far exceeded my expectations

I contacted Mr. Ely regarding child support modification. I needed help understanding the paperwork as well as the proper procedures I would need to take. Mr. Ely not only took the time to thoroughly explain the process but allowed me the time to ask my multitude of questions. He listened to my concerns and went out of his way to ensure my needs were being met. He was personally committed to my case during the entire negotiating process from beginning to end. Mr. Ely genuinely cares about his clients and builds a relationship of trust and commitment. I highly recommend Mr. Ely for representation on any legal matter.

Posted by Michelle | October 16, 2014


The Incredible Michael Ely

Mr. Ely is the epitome of what every lawyer SHOULD be!! I was continuously kept informed and he was always available and very helpful resolving all of my legal matters.

Posted by Phil | October 16, 2014


Exceptional Attorney

In my experience, Mike Ely is an exceptional attorney who is extremely professional, knowledgeable and ethical. Most importantly to me, he was able to achieve positive results in a timely manner.

Posted by Laurence | October 9, 2014


Excellent experience with lawyer

It was the first time that I needed a lawyer for an incident and always felt uncomfortable with the process, until I met Mike Ely. Mike from the beginning made me feel comfortable and right at home from the beginning to the end. He was always persistent, and always communicated with me with full details throughout the process. He was dependable, direct, and worked hard to make sure that I was always satisfied throughout my case. Mike's personable attitude also made me feel comfortable with him as I know I can totally trust him.

Posted by Kevin | October 6, 2014


Dee Lavine, former client.

Mike Elly, is a knowledgable and personable attorney. Mike personally kept me informed with my auto injury claim. He handled everything, so that, I could focus on recovering from the accident. I would definitely recommend Mike Ely to assist you with your personal injury claim.

Posted by Dee | October 1, 2014


Nicholas Reed

Posted by Alex | July 21, 2019


Great Guidance and Communication where I was Unfamiliar with Process

This was my first experience since moving to the US needing legal advice.
Nick made the process very clear throughout the process and was professional, timely, and very happy to provide me with explanations and guidance when asked.
I do recommend, 5/5!

Posted by Jeffrey | May 23, 2018


Excellent legal representation

Recently Nick helped me in settling an injury accident case. He was very professional, detailed, knowledgeable, and personable. I highly recommend hiring him if you need legal representation.

Posted by Kalyn | April 3, 2018


Best and Most Compassionate Lawyer in Town

I had a previous car accident settlement case with a different firm and felt like the attorney left me in the dark. After this last car accident, I wanted to find a different attorney. I had several consultations with multiple firms; then I found Nick at Ely & Reed. From the beginning, he was very up front with information regarding my case. He answered all of my questions. Nick took time to explain each step of the process, which put me at ease. I have no doubt that the amount of attention he paid to my case is what led to a successful settlement. They really have the your best of interest in mind. If you want the best and most compassionate lawyer in town, look no further than Nick (Nicholas) Reed.

Posted by Jeff | February 1, 2018


Excellent Legal Service

Nick & Mike were excellent to work with, and I felt very well-represented. This was new to me, but they guided me through everything and took up very little of my time and effort. I would hire them again in a heartbeat.

Posted by Ken | September 19, 2017


Great Team Ely & Reed

I recently worked with Nick Reed and his partner Mike Ely. Nick took my case and ran with it. I got bite by a dog in February and he was professional, helpful always putting my feelings and thoughts first. Would I say he was great , YES if I could give them both ten stars I would. I would highly recommend them. They are a great team!!! Nick was responsive, knowledgeable, and compassionate.

I appreciated the time he spent with me.

I would recommend him for any personal injury case !!

Posted by Anita | March 28, 2016


100% Satisfaction and Great working with Nick Reed.

From the moment I met Nick regarding an auto accident that I attempted to handle myself, as soon as Nick got involved, he handled everything! Not only did he handle my issue with great care, he was extremely communicative and professional. Nick updated me every step along the way and exercised extreme integrity. I would highly recommended working with Nick and would do so again if the need arises. Many, Many Thanks!!

Posted by anonymous | October 7, 2014


I recommend Nicholas Reed

Nick was responsive, knowledgeable, and compassionate. While delivering hard news for me to hear, he was thoughtful and willing to answer all of my questions.

I appreciated the time he spent with me and his ability to make a hard situation manageable.

I would recommend him for any employee related issues.

Posted by anonymous | September 19, 2014


Outstanding Professional

Nicholas helped us with durable and medical power of attorney. It was at a very difficult time. He was extremely informative and helpful in making tough decisions. He explained what the paperwork needed to contain and asked appropriate questions to help decide who to choose as power of attorney. There were several facilities that need to have the documents in their possession. He was knowledgeable about who needed what and made sure we had enough notarized copies. I would say that his professionalism and compassion are characteristics that make him stand out . I will definitely call upon this attorney if needed again.